Portamate PM-1800 Panel Carrier Full 4x8 Sheet Carrier Board Table Saw Stand

Portamate PM-1800 Panel Carrier Full 4x8 Sheet Carrier Board Table Saw Stand
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Imagine effortlessly handling and moving 4x8 sheets without a helper. Even better, you can bring a piece of material from your truck and run it through your table saw without it ever touching the ground! This becomes possible with the Port-A-Mate PM1800 panel carrier, our sheet carrier / board cart is specifically designed for moving and working with large sheets of material (even full 4x8 sheets!) The best way to describe our sheet carrier is it's like a hand truck specifically made for boards. Well, that comparison would be more valid if a normal hand truck flipped up and locked into a level, horizontal table-saw feed stand, of course! Because that's exactly what this one does - the height is fully adjustable from 28" to 40", meaning just about any table saw can be accommodated. The bottom support leg locks into place, giving you the stability you need to cut with confidence, and then go back for another sheet or three! It's strong, sturdy, and can handle 2-3 sheets at a time, making.

SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR LARGE BOARDS - Ingenious design allows for easy moving of unwieldy sheets of plywood, paneling, and more.
THE STRENGTH TO HANDLE SEVERAL BOARDS 350 lb. capacity, with the 2-1/4" bottom lip of the support arm being wide enough for 2-3 sheets at a time.
IT FLIPS UP AND ADJUSTS! The support arm can tilt and lock horizontally, and is adjustable from 28" high to 40" high.
IT'S A TABLE SAW FEED STAND. The support arm can be locked at 90 deg, height adjust and support leg extends for a rock-solid table saw feed stand.
PORTAMATE QUALITY - Built with meticulous care by Portamate, you'll use this in your shop for years to come.

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