Tormek SVD-185 Gouge and Turning Cutter Jig

Tormek SVD-185 Gouge and Turning Cutter Jig
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Tormek SVD-185 Gouge and Turning Cutter Jig

  • Made for Fingernail Shaped Turning Gouges
  • Quickly produce a repeatable razor edge
  • Can be Used for Various Lengths on the Side Bevel
  • Can also be used for Bent Carving Gouges and V-Tools
  • Maximum Width of Blade is 1-Inch

Sharpen your gouges and turning cutters with ease using the SVD-185 jig from Tormek. Designed to be used with Tormek's tool-sharpening system, this jig allows you to shape and sharpen fingernail-shaped turning gouges along with bent carving gouges and V-tools. Maintain your tool's exact shape and create a perfect sharpened, honed edge. The jig can fit tools up to 1 inch wide.

At a Glance
SVD-185 Gouge and Turning Cutter Jig
At a Glance:
  • Designed for Tormek sharpening systems
  • Helps you sharpen gouges and turning cutters
  • Adjusts to your tool's length and shape
  • Backed by a two-year warranty
At a Glance
SVD-185 Gouge and Turning Cutter Jig
Use this jig with your Tormek sharpening system to shape and touch up gouges and turning cutters.

Sharpen a Variety of Gouges
Using the SVD-185 jig with one of Tormek's tool-sharpening systems, you can sharpen fingernail-shaped turning gouges along with a wide range of carving gouges and straight or curved V-tools. The jig can also help you sharpen back bent and down bent gouges.

Achieve Just the Right Shape
With the SVD-185, you can choose the degree of the fingernail shape by adjusting the settings on the jig. It enables you to sharpen to the gouge's exact shape and remove only a fraction of the steel. The end result is a perfectly honed and polished edge.

Included with the jig are a shaft for turning cutters along with a special recipe label and pen that let you note settings for your tools. The jig can accommodate tools up to 1 inch wide.

About Tormek
Tormek is committed to providing the best solutions for the sharpening of all types of edge tools. Well grounded in Swedish traditions for advanced innovation, functionality, and quality, Tormek has developed a unique sharpening system that has come to set the standard in modern edge tool sharpening.

Since 1973, problem-solving through innovation has been a strong driving force for Tormek. This has resulted in 13 patents and the widest product range on the market. It includes 16 unique jigs and attachments, each one specially designed to easily achieve optimal sharpness on all kinds of edge tools.

Today, Tormek exports to more than 30 countries worldwide. The products are appreciated by cabinet makers, carpenters, woodcarvers, and wood turners as well as serious chefs in restaurants, industrial kitchens, and households. The Tormek sharpening system is also widely used in professional sharpening businesses.

All of Tormek's product development, engineering work, and production are done in Sweden. The company is located in Lindesberg, a small town in the heart of Bergslagen, an area known for its history in mining. The production is carried out in close cooperation with selected suppliers, all specialized and the best in their fields. This ensures the highest quality and a continuous access to the best and most modern manufacturing technology.

What's in the Box
One SVD-185 gouge jig.

SVD-185 Gouge and Turning Cutter Jig SVD-185 Gouge and Turning Cutter Jig SVD-185 Gouge and Turning Cutter Jig
Sharpen roughing gouges, V-tools, turning cutters, and more with this jig.

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