Which iVAC Pro Modules Do I Need?

iVAC, Automated Dust Control for your Health , Safety and Convenience.

The iVAC Pro System has been designed so that you can interface your power tools with your dust collector to have a fully automated system.

There are two main modules; the iVAC Pro Tool interfaces your power tools to the system and the iVAC Pro Switch interfaces your dust collector to the system.

You need to select the iVAC Pro Modules that meet the needs of your individual power tools and dust collector.


Power Tools              

Selecting the iVAC Pro Tool.

Most Power Tools will have a specification label, indicating the operating voltage and running current.

The only limitation with respect to the iVAC Pro Tools T11515NA, T11520NA and T24020NA is the level of the current as set by the circuit breakers on the modules, which is either 15Amps or 20 Amps.

When a power tool is turned on there is an initial surge in current that can be five to seven times the running current and dependant on the duration of this surge, this may trip the circuit breaker.

This value and duration of surge current is a function of many aspects and therefore will vary from machine to machine. It is a function of motor speed, line voltage and the type of tool; therefore the following information is based on field experience with iVAC Pro products.


115Vac Power Tools

For 115Vac power tools it is recommended that you use the T11520NA (115Vac 20Amp.) module whenever possible. The output receptacle on this module accepts either 115V 15Amp or 115V 20Amp plugs. It can power tools up to 1.5HP.

This iVAC unit has a 20 amp plug so you will need a 20Amp circuit and receptacle for it.

For workshops that have already been wired with 115V 15Amp service, the T11515NA (115Vac 15Amp) module can be used. It can power tools up to 1HP.


230Vac Power Tools.

The T24020NA (240Vac 20Amp) module can power tools up to 3HP.


230Vac Power Tools rated at > 20Amps

For power tools that are either rated at greater than 20Amps or have high start up surge currents, the iVAC Pro Tool HP is required. This module senses the current with a magnetic probe and therefore is not limited by the maximum level of current.


3Phase AC Mains power

For power tools operating from three phase AC mains power the iVAC Pro Tool HP is required. This module is not voltage or current sensitive.


Volts AC

Running Current Amps

Horse Power

iVAC Pro Module
















Tool HP


3 Phase


Tool HP


Dust Collectors

Selecting the iVAC Pro Switch.

The main characteristic that has to be considered when selecting the control of the dust collector is associated with the start up surge current.

In the iVAC Pro Switch units the output is switched by means of a relay. The maximum current that can be switched is 40Amps. This limits the size of the dust collector to 1HP at 115Vac and 2HP at 230Vac.


Dust Collectors 115Vac 1HP

Shop Vacs (5Peak HP or less) and Dust Collectors up to 1HP can be powered from the S11515NA. (115Vac 15Amp) or S11520NA (115Vac 20Amp).


Dust Collectors 115Vac 1.5HP

Dust Collectors at 1.5HP or greater, as a result of the high start up current, need to be powered through an iVAC Contactor which in turn is controlled by a S115XXNA.


Dust Collectors 230Vac 2.0HP

These dust collectors can be controlled directly from an S24020NA (240Vac 20Amp).


Dust Collectors Greater than 2.0HP and up to 10HP

These dust collectors can be controlled through an iVAC Contactor which in turn is controlled by a S115XXNA.



Horse power

iVAC Pro Modules


Up to 1HP




S11515NA + iVAC Contactor


Up to 2 HP



>2 HP

S11515 + iVAC Contactor


<10HP. 3 Phase

S11515 + iVAC Contactor

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