M-Power CRB7 Edge Guide/ Parallel Fence Kit for Deep Range Dado's & Grooves

M-Power CRB7 Edge Guide/ Parallel Fence Kit for Deep Range Dado's & Grooves
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M-Power CRB7 Edge Guide/ Parallel Fence Kit for Deep Range Dado's & Grooves

  • Impressive total of 8 key functions.
  • Grooves and Dado's are possible to route up to 7.1/2"in from the board edge.
  • The Edge Guide can be fitted in 3 different locations on the base plate for a wide variety of tasks!
Improved control when grooving in-board with a router: One of the most common accessories to the standard woodworking router is the Parallel Edge Guide. The usual design of Edge guide is large, cumbersome, time consuming to set up and has a disappointingly small range to penetrate in-board from the edge. Many router users prefer not to take the time to set up an edge guide on their router but rather go to the trouble of using a clamp guide. However the CRB7 Edge Guide is a considerable time saver when batch routing many boards with the same dado or groove dimensions. Micro Adjust the edge profile when edge molding: There are 2 popular methods of edge molding decorative profiles with a router. The first is to buy a tracer bearing cutter that is fitted with a ball race. The ball race runs along the edge of the board, guiding the cutter. The profile of the molding is then determined by altering the depth of the cutter and by changing the size of the cutters ball race. The shortcomings of this method are that debris trapped between the ball race and board edge alters the molding profile - the other downside is that the adjustment to the profile is stepped so for those wishing for fine adjustment to the molding profile the next option may be a better process. Edge profiling with an Edge Guide gives better control having a large fence to board edge contact area aiding stability. The CRB7 Edge Guide has 2 x fixing points to mount a false guide facepiece. This is ideal for Edge molding as the cutter can be back cut into ablative facepiece; Keeping the maximum contact area either side of the cutter and just exposing a variable amount of the cutters profile to the edge of the workpiece.

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